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August 2020

Tuesday, August 18

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Sophia Way Dinner Drop Off
St. Luke's Lutheran Church; (lower level)
Thanks so much for signing up to make and deliver our monthly meal to Sophia Way. Our continued support is truly needed and appreciated. Since we have so many new members I’m including lots of information in this email and will attach the suggested shopping list at the end and will also list members who have signed up for the next few months. The shelter is located in the lower level of St Luke’s Lutheran Church at 3030 Bellevue Way. Food should be dropped off between 6 and 6:30. I usually bring everything into their kitchen and set out the items on the counter so the women can serve themselves. I usually put the hot things in some kind of container I can just leave there. They only have a microwave that can be used to heat things up so I try to have it hot when I arrive. They have bowls available and serving spoons so I usually just put anything I need to cut up in a plastic bag. You can stay until 6:45 to meet the women although I have found that to be awkward so I just set everything up and then leave. Also, it doesn’t have to be tacos. You and your serving partner can decide on something else if that works best. This is a budgeted activity so you can keep your receipts and submit them to our treasurer.

Sophia’s Place Taco Night Shopping List

For 24 people:

* 5 lbs of fish, shredded chicken or ground beef
* Taco seasoning
* ¼ cup Olive Oil (as needed for browning)
* 3 Limes (sliced to serve as garnish/seasoning)
* 48 tortillas (combo of hard and soft, 24 each)
* 2 heads of lettuce shredded
* 6 large tomatoes, diced
* 24 oz shredded sharp cheese
* 24 oz jar/s Salsa (mild)
* 24 oz containers sour cream (one regular and one low fat?)
* Brown Rice (or other rice)
* Refried or black beans (6 small cans, heated for serving)
* Cilantro (one bunch, chopped for garnish)
* 3 large sliced avocados
* Dessert is optional: Little oranges, or other fruit always appreciated)

Women have different dietary needs. It is helpful to put a little sign in front of some of the foods, such as “vegetarian refried beans”, “seasoned chicken breast”.